RAM Full Form | What is Ram ?

 What is the full form of RAM ?

RAM's full form is Random Access Memory. 

What is RAM ?

In a Computer or Mobile device, RAM is very important for both the devices. RAM is a volatile memory. RAM is also called the primary memory of the computer. When you run any file or program, it is first loaded into RAM, this file or program is stored in RAM for some time.

After the computer is turned off, the data stored in RAM is also erased. Whenever you open any file or program, the program or file is saved in the hard disk of your computer or is saved in the internal storage of the mobile, its load in RAM.

Types of RAM 

1. SRAM (Static Ram)

Full form of SRAM is Static Random Access Memory. Transistors are used to store data or information in SRAM.

This RAM is faster than DRAM, Six Transistor Memory Cell is used to store data in this RAM. SRAM is also used for cache memory. 

2. DRAM (Dynamic Ram)

The full form of DRAM is Dynamic Random Access Memory. Capacitors are used to store data or information in DRAM. Data is received randomly from the  DRAM.  

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