CPU Full Form | What is CPU ?

What is CPU Full Form ?

CPU Full Form is the Central Processing Unit.

What is a CPU ?

CPU is a Hardware device of computer. also known as processor or microprocessor.it is a very important part of a computer, it is also called the brain of the computer.

The cpu is a small chip which is present in the motherboard's CPU socket. It is made up of many transistors.

Parts of CPU

1. ALU 

Full Form of ALU is Arithmetic Logic Unit, It is responsible for performing Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

2. CU

Full form of CU is the Control Unit. It controls all hardware operation in computer

3. Memory or Register

Register is a type of high-speed  memory device. it stores the data which the processor has to process and  already processed

Three Types of CPU

1. Transistor CPU

2. Small Scale Integration CPU

3. Large Scale Integration CPU

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