OS Full Form | What is OS ?


What is the full form of an OS ?

The full form of OS is Operating System.

What is an Operating System?

Operating system is a system software that interacts with computer hardware and software and helps users to communicate with the computer easily. Operating software is a computer program or software that is first loaded as soon as the computer is started.

An operating system is a software that forms a user-friendly interface between the user and the computer. It is a system software that manages computer hardware and software. The operating system manages all the work done in the computer.  

Operating systems are very important software for computers, without operating systems computers cannot function properly. The operating system processes the input given by the user, after processing the input it displays the output on the screen. The operating system provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) interface to the user.

Characteristics of operating system (Features of operating system)

Scheduling : - If you are doing a lot of work on the computer at once, the operating system manages all these tasks such as how much time to give which task, how much memory to give which task.

Error detection : - The operating system detects errors in the computer and tells the user about the error. The operating system itself also tries to solve the error. 

Security :- Operating system also provides security such as password, pin, disk locking etc. 

Interact with other software : The operating system interacts with other software. 

Device management : Operating system manages every device installed in the computer such as internal devices and external devices. With the help of  drivers, operating systems understand which devices are connected to the computer. 

Memory Management : - Operating systems manage the memory of the computer, such as how much memory has to be given to which tasks. How much memory has been used, how much memory is left, here all the work is managed by the operating system itself. 

File Management : - Operating system manages every single file in the computer. Like what are the properties of the file etc. 

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Types of Operating Systems 

1. Batch Operating System : - In a batch operating system the user does not give commands or instructions directly to the operating system. Here, with the help of this operator, the batch is formed and gives instructions to the CPU. 

2. Time Sharing Operating System : - This operating system gives equal time to every task. If you give 2 tasks to the computer, then both the tasks will be given equal time to be processed, whether it is a long process or a work process. No work will be given more or less time, all work will be given equal time. 

3. Distributed Operating System : - In this operating system, more than 1 computer is connected to each other with the help of a network. Can share files with each other.

4. Network Operating System : - This operating system runs on the server, so that the client computers are connected to this server and can share files, resources, documents etc. with each other.

5. Real Time Operating System : - This operating system tries to complete a given task in a timely manner.

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Some Popular Operating System

Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows) :- This operating system is developed by Microsoft (Microsoft)

MAC Operating System (Mac Operating System):- This operating system is created and developed by Apple

Android Operating System ( Android Operating System :- It is a mobile operating system developed by Google.

IOS Operating System (IOS Operating System) :- It is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple

Linux Operating System System :- This operating system is developed by Linus Torvalds

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