Computer Full Form | What is Computer ?

What is the full form of a Computer ?

The full form of Computer is Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used in Technical and Educational Research.

What is a Computer ?

A computer is an electronic machine that takes input from the user and processes it and displays the output on the screen. Computer is invented by  Charles Babbage.

Types of Computers

  1. Super Computer

  2. Mainframe Computer

  3. Mini Computer Computer

  4. Microcomputer

What are the input and output devices in a computer?

Input Device : Input device is a device through which we give input to the computer. With the help of input devices, we can give commands and data to the computer.

 Example:- (Keyboard, Mouse)

1. Keyboard

Keyboard is an input device. With the help of a keyboard, we can store data or information on the computer. There are 104 keys in total in the keyboard, the keyboard was invented Christopher Latham Sholes 

2. Mouse

Mouse is an input device of the computer. There are 3 buttons in the mouse. Mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart .

1. Left Button: With the left button of the mouse, we can select or open the folder and anything else on the computer. 

2. Scroll: With the scroll button of the mouse, we can move up or down in any page.

3. Right Button: With the right button of the mouse, we can see properties and other things of the computer's folder and anything. 

Output Device : Output device is a device from which we can read the information given by the computer 

Example:- ( Monitor, Keyboard )

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1. Monitor

Monitor : Monitor is an output device of the computer. With the help of the monitor, we can see the output given by the computer on the screen of the monitor, so the monitor is an output device. 

2. Printer

Printer: Printer is an output device of the computer. With the help of a printer, we can print any file or document located on the computer. Printer converts soft copy into hard copy. Printer is an essential output device. 

Computer memory

Computer memory is a storage device used to store data.

There are two types of computer memory.

  1. Primary Memory: It is also called Main Memory and it is located on the motherboard of the computer (for example:- RAM, ROM)

  1. Secondary Memory: It is also called Auxiliary Memory of the computer. Example:- HDD, SSD, DVD, Pen Drive and CD) 

Computer Software and Hardware

Computer is made up of two parts which are hardware and software 

1. Hardware: The physical parts of the computer that we can see or touch are called hardware. Example:- Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Control Unit, RAM, Motherboard, Hard Disk etc.

2. Software: Software instructs the computer hardware to perform a specific task. There are two types of software System software and Application software.

  1. System software:- System software controls hardware and software of a computer (For example:- Operating System)

  1. Application software :-  Application software is a program which is developed to do specific work. For Example: - (Google Chrome, Microsoft Powerpoint, Mozilla Firefox etc.)

Computer Generation

1. (1946-1958) The first generation of computers is based on vacuum tubes

2. (1959–1964) The second generation of computers based on transistors

3. (1964-) 1971) Third generation computer based on integrated circuits

4. (1971– 1988) The fourth generation computer is based on the microprocessor.

5. (1989 - present) Fifth generation computers based on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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